April 02, 2023

Oh, let me tell you a story, my friend,
About Sandra and Miki, their love will never end.
They chose a place so fine, a winery so fair,
Zvonko Bogdan’s where they wed, surrounded by vineyards and fresh air.

In Subotica, near Hungary’s border, this family-owned winery stands,
Making wine since ’82, they’ve got it down to a science, man.
Wine tastings, guided tours, and events all year round,
But the best one of all, Sandra and Miki’s wedding, where love was found.

Zvonko Bogdan’s restaurant serves traditional Serbian cuisine,
Grilled meat and homemade bread, oh, what a dream!
The perfect setting for a couple so in love,
Their guests enjoying the view, sent from above.

Sandra and Miki’s wedding day was truly divine,
A celebration of their love, so sweet, so fine.
Surrounded by nature’s beauty, they took their vows,
And now they embark on a journey, together, forever and now.